Webhosting: Why Price Shouldn’t Be The Deciding Factor

There are several variables to consider when deciding who to use to host a website.  If price is the only consideration, you may not know what problems to expect.

Who lives in your websites's neighborhoodMany companies will host pornographic and/or offensive websites. Hosting a website with a company that hosts pornographic websites would damage your reputation when this information is discovered. Other problems that occur include:

  • Mail server IP blacklisting because of spam
  • Server resources over-utilized because of pornographic traffic
  • Restoration of obscene content being added to your site by mistake

Here is a list of webhosts that we strongly encourage to avoid or move your services from:

Hosting your website with a local webhost in Tucson that has integrity will allow you to avoid these problems.

Tucson Christian WebhostThe national directory of Christian businesses, the Christian Business Directory put a great deal of thought into who to use for their webhosting needs. They chose iRapture.com because they wanted the best Christian webhost.

Mainstream Webhosts Can Lead to Big-Time ProblemsChristian FishiRapture.com is a Christian webhost based in Tucson, Arizona. iRapture.com provides webhosting services to hundreds of companies and organizations with integrity throughout the United States and England.

Here are a few Christian organizations in Tucson that use iRapture.com for their webhosting:

Tucson Christian WebhostThe Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Tucson
Tucson Christian WebhostThe Gospel Rescue Mission of Tucson

iRapture.com also provides webhosting to Christian schools, Christian churches and many businesses with Christian owners.